The autistic guide to Westend Live

The autistic guide to Westend Live

Last weekend I had the joy of going to see Westend End live. I really enjoyed however there were a few things I think that can be put in place to make it a bit more autism friendly. With theatres having autism friendly screenings and stuff like that it can be incorporated into the days events. My blog will have a few sections what they do right, how they can improve and some tips of both autistic individuals and the people around autistic individuals.

What they do right?

They have a disabled area which seems to be more for physical disabilities however I did see alot of neurodiverse people in the disability area. You can sit there and it has a great view of the stage.

Also they had a separate queue for people that needed disabled access. Which made it quieter and easier to get in without the usual queues.

Not related to autism but I also saw that they provided a van for physical disabilities with a hoist, a changing bed and just a lot of things that will help someone disabled go to the toilet. Which I found super cool.

What they can improve?

I think they can split up the crowd in the stage bit better maybe have rope so that their are easy walk ways. So many people I accidentally kicked because I was trying to get through the crowd to either go to toilet or go back to my sisters. On Sunday when Six was about to go on I could get through the crowd at all cos of how thick it was so I went and sat in the disabled area with my other sister.

I don’t know if this next idea is possible but to have like a separate area like a quiet room with like sensory items and bean bags/comfy chair. With a screen in it so you can still watch the show. They have one at like football stadiums and at horse racing. I would be happy to help arrange it or give ideas. They had 2 VIP areas so it wouldn’t be completely impossible to do.

Tips for autistic individuals and people with them.

If your noise sensitive bring ear defenders or ear plugs it is loud. Alot of cheering and a lot of screaming for the acts. Especially Six and Dear Evan Hansen.

Sit in the disabled area if you struggle with crowded areas. It has a great view of the stage the cover picture for this blog is the view of the stage. I would also recommend going through the accessible queue if you struggle with queuing. Its quick unless you accidentally end up near Sky VIP queue.

Westend Live looking at you maybe don’t have your Sky VIP bit in the same place as the accessible bit.

There was a nice area where people were having picnics and sitting down it was still busy but it was really nice and relaxed atmosphere.

Overall Westend live is a very good experience. It is so enjoyable seeing all your favourite musicals in one place. To see the classics, the new ones and ones that are being written and in the stages of being developed. I also loved that there was like a real appreciation for the swings and the understudy. I would recommend it to anyone.

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Blog update

Blog update

Hello so it’s been a while exactly its been a month since I posted. The reason why well my parents house (my family home) burnt down. It has been a busy time, three cats and two dogs are still missing in action. Then after the fire my family moved in with me so we had six people and two cats in a 2 bedroom house.

Oh and then my mum, my dad and 2 of my sisters go covid so yeah it has been a time. My blog took the back seat as I had a lot to deal with. Anyway even though I haven’t been posting I have had ideas in my head for the blog.

I still want to dabble in some fandom stuff focusing in on BBC Merlin cos why not keep it light. Plus they have a fandom to this day and the show ended in 2012.

I’ll cover the Patricia Ripley trial (I covered the case in a blog, link bellow) in October. The trial date has been set for October 24th unless it changes date I’ll be covering that. She’s up for the death penalty so it’ll be interesting to cover both trials if she’s found guilty.

I’ll again try and stick to a schedule. Sticking to Wednesday as my posting day because I usually do type it on a Sunday and Monday.

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The autistic guide to Theatre and London (Post pandemic edition)

The autistic guide to Theatre and London (Post pandemic edition)

Hello and welcome to this bonus edition of the blog.  I will be starting the fandom stuff in May so watch out for that. This weekend I was lucky enough to go and watch Six (review in next blog) for my birthday. I went to an inside theatre for the first time since the pandemic. So I’m going to go through my day first the prep and London and then the actual show.

Prep and London

We started the day by travelling in the car to Luton and we stayed in the Leaside. On the way down we pre ordered some merchandise on an app called “Nimax”. It is used in a lot of the theatres in London. It makes it easier for you to preorder the merchandise so your not a queue for the merch. We also pre ordered our drinks to avoid the bar queues. So much easier and I would recommend it if your autistic or just don’t like queuing. I’m not sponsored by them. Unless they want to lol.

We dropped of our luggage, the car and had a quick drink. Then we had a freshen up before heading on the train to London. Good thing about Luton if any readers are applying for university. Luton is 30 minutes away from London on the train without the London prices. Anyway I’ll stop advertising the University of Bedfordshire, I’m not sponsored by them either.

Anyway Hannah borrowed my ear defenders around London because London was too much for her. I used to work in and around Central London so I was used to the sounds. If your sound sensitive or the person you are with is sound sensitive then bring ear defenders.

Anyway we had a quick snack from the wetherspoons at St pancreas. I was so glad that they built it because it was nice to have a breather and you always know what you’ll get with a spoons.

The theatre

We were in the grand circle which is very high. If you struggle with height or depth perception I recommend the stalls it is a bit more pricy but it is worth it if you struggle.

Theatres can be loud but when your in the moment and excited to see the show. Very exciting times, the atmosphere was amazing if your light sensitive there is a song or two that are a bit bright but I’ll go into that next week.

So singing along with Six they encouraged it at the end but during the actual show it isn’t recommended but a few slip ups won’t hurt. Also if you have an outburst it’s not the end of the world. 

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The autistic guide to graduation

The autistic guide to graduation

Hello everyone hope your all okay. This is the autistic guide to Graduations and it also covers aspects of the autistic guide to parties. Because Graduations and parties come hand in hand so it’s killing 2 birds with one stone and it means I don’t have to push back my other blog ideas. Wait till end to find out.


So graduation is what happens after you have completed your degree and have passed. I am basing my graduation blog on the University of Bedfordshire way of doing things so if your an autistic student at UOB then enjoy. To the ones outside of that there wondering what graduation is like every uni is different but they usually are similar.

The venue will usually be a church or fancy venue nearby. There are graduations in Summer, Winter and Spring usually. My personal favourite was Puttridge Berry it was pretty and it was so just so good. Anyway here is what to expect lots of emotions, a very long speech about how great it is to graduate and you will always be apart of the uni family and expect a lot of photographs.

Here is some random advice. Make sure you have a good breakfast or snack before you. It’s the worst having to sit there when your hungry and it will be distracting. Same with hydration stay hydrated because it is a long ceremony.

Enjoy it. It is a celebration so celebrate. Keep your outfit light weight cos the cap and gown are heavy. Even in the winter it can get hot in the cap and gown.

Future blogs

I will be doing a few fandom blogs. 30 questions about Harry Potter, 30 questions about fanfiction and 30 questions about Merlin (this one will have a potential.

Autism and Special interests

Autism and Special interests

Hello and welcome to day 2 of my blog well technically is day 5 the joys of working life. So I’m not going to put too much pressure on my self and just say at the top of the show I am going to do the blogs still. This blog about special interests blog, the autistic guide to graduations and the autistic guide to parties but not daily its not going to work it with my busy life, they will be done over April with my fandom project going to be pushed back to over the summer. with the Autism and Girls I need to do more research so that one is on hold.

This blog I am going to be looking at special interests and why they are important. Also to gush about my special interest because why not its been a long week. Lets have a little fun.

What is a special interest?

A special interest which used to be called an obsession is something that an autistic individual fixates on. This can be anything I’ve known people that were obsessed with soap operas like EastEnders and also known people who are obsessed with Disney. Sometimes it can be narrowed down to a character in something for example I’ve known people that fixate on Harry Potter the character. This also can be outside of film or media it can numbers or maths, random dates or disasters in history and arts and crafts activities. There is a misconception that can only be one special interest but as a human being that wouldn’t be very interesting. There is also a misconception that is always a positive thing but sometimes people can become obsessed with disaster and in dangerous situations it can be a real life person but this can be easily dealt with.

There is a difference between a special interest and just having something that you like or a hobby is that it is so fixated on sometimes it all we think about.

Why are they so important?

Special interests are so important because it can help a person to calm down when they are stressed out or when they are feeling under-stimulated. For example I used to work with someone who would self regulate by reciting lines from a scooby doo episode. It’s something to focus on that will distract a person from their surroundings and their anxieties. Also its enjoyable to have special interests and to have something that you know a lot about. At the same time you do get some people that either don’t get it or are quiet rude and tell people to stop talking about their special interest so eventually we keep it in our heads until we get to know people then we go blah listen to everything about so and so.

So a tip to you Neuro Typicals lot if you have someone who is talking to you at length about their special interests and your tired ready for a conversation break. I’ve been there where your at the end of a double shift it’s nearly over to 9:30pm you’ve been with the same person all day and will not stop talking to you about Scooby doo. There are ways of shutting it down without belittling the interest. Distraction with basic needs works well asking if they want a drink or something to eat it redirects the conversation. Another technique would be to try and redirect the conversation to something they have done in the day. Avoid showing boredom or disinterest it will make them close up and unlikely to want to talk about it again.

My special interests

Now it is time for me to talk about my special interests so why not. So my earliest special interest was Disney and disasters. I used to be able to know what Disney video it was going to be on the code on the first screen before it would go on to the adverts and stuff. When I was 6 9/11 happened and I found it interesting and I had newspaper cuttings and I spread them out on the floor to see what was happening. I didn’t quiet understand it but I knew enough to go to school and tell the teachers about it. Which must have been awkward.

Then as time went on I had phases of stuff which I can’t really remember. When I was about 15/16 I became obsessed with Romeo and Juliet and who’s life is it anyway on purpose because I wanted a good grade on my English Literature exam and essays. I also became obsessed with Frankenstein which was a complete accident and it triggered an existential crisis so I had to work with myself to get rid of it as an obsession. When I was in my late teens and early twenties Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Mis joined the special interest part of my brain. I became obsessed with long distance walking for a bit in 2018 but that one left very quickly.

Now I’m 27 turning 28 in a few weeks. I have a load of special interests sometimes they are seasonal, which include but not limited to; Hamilton (all the time), Jesus Christ Superstar (around Easter) Six the musical (all the time), BBC Merlin (all the time), Enchanto (most recent), Moana (most of the time), a Christmas Carol (around Christmas time) and doing Hamma beads.

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World Autism Acceptance Week 2022 (WAAW-22) the intro

World Autism Acceptance Week 2022 (WAAW-22) the intro

Hello and welcome back to my blog today marks the start of WAAW and I am going to do my usual blogs to raise awareness and to have discussions around all things autism. If your new here I am Rosie, I’m 27 and I do blogs about all things autism and I have dabbled in musical reviews and true crime. In the future I am looking at also dabbling in Fandom stuff. I have autism and I was diagnosed at age 3 due to being able to talk before go pre-verbal and then talking again. I also have professional experience with autism in my work life and in my volunteer life.

Why is this week needed?

It is important to raise awareness around Autism so that people aren’t discriminated against. Also its important to raise awareness not just around children but around the adulthood and elderly as well. Cos it not a one glove fits all disability and its not all rocking in a corner reciting numbers. I think that sometimes even though we are in 2022 their are still some misconceptions around autism and sorta what to expect and how it presents. It at times is seen as an children’s disability but as someone who is working in a residential home with elderly autistic adults that is further from the case. I feel like it really important to get awareness out there. Not to mention the amount of autistic people that get murdered by their care giver is crazy looking at you Patricia Ripley.

What to expect this week?

So this week I have usually done a blog everyday of autism acceptance week. This will be the same this year. I will post a blog everyday this week about all things autism awareness and acceptance. Below is what the different blogs will be throughout the week I will attempt to have the blog out in the morning.

Tuesday: autism and girls what needs to change with education.
Wednesday: Autism and eye contact. Just why?
Thursday: the autistic guide to Graduation
Friday: autism and special interests
Saturday: the autistic guide to partying
Sunday: A round up of the week and what to expect in autism awareness month.

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the autistic guide to the cinema

the autistic guide to the cinema

hello everyone, I hope you guys are well. It’s been a while, I got covid again and work got really busy it was crazy. Anyway the other day I went on an impromptu trip to the cinema to watch the new Poirot movie “death on the Nile” (will be reviewing it soon). If you have clicked on this blog you are either autistic, have a family member or friend with autism, work with someone with autism or yet again your art person who has misread the title. It’s still not that art guide go away.

I love the cinema but wasn’t always the case there was a time I would avoid it. There are certain aspects of the cinema that aren’t autism friendly but here are some hints and tips on how to help your autistic child, sibling, friend or client in the cinema, how to help yourself in the cinema and finish of with how cinemas can make it easier. House keeping I use functioning labels and I use autistic rather than person with autism. Don’t like don’t read.

So to start off with how to help people in the cinema. Prepare you autistic child, sibling, friend or client tell them what they are going to see so that if are able to they can Google the movie so they know what to expect. Make sure that it is a movie they want to see. I wouldn’t recommend the secret screening it causes a lot anxiety because there is no way of preparing someone for that.

When getting to the cinema make sure you have everything that they need. For example sun glasses because sometimes cinemas can be really bright. Ear defenders because the cinema can be loud especially in the action movies. It’s about knowing your autistic individual. Offering them to have breaks from will also be useful. Also think about properly is the cinema trip for them or you. If they won’t enjoy it due to sensory issues or attention issues don’t bring them to the cinema

How to help yourself. So hello fellow autistic person here is how you can get through the cinema. Prepare yourself Google the film and find out stuff about it without reading the spoilers unless your a spoilers person. You do you boo.

Make sure that you have the things you need to make it a good experience this can be stims or fidgets, sunglasses or headphones. For example I go out the house in general with a least one or two stims (for if I need a stim), a note book (writing is a coping mechanism) and headphones (if it gets loud). The same with the cinema at times.

Enjoy the movie that is very important. Go to a movie you know you’ll enjoy and you know about. Again if your nervous about new and secret stuff I wouldn’t recommend the secret screening. It’s scary not knowing what it is. First time I did it. It was the green book which I stayed and watched and the second time was Belfast which I left 15 minutes in. Not even Colin Morgan could safe it.

From the subject of Belfast if you have visual sensitivity I wouldn’t recommend sitting near the screen. We were three from the front and the white explosions in Belfast were breaking my eyes.

I would personally recommend the vip experience at Cineworld. Basically you pay extra for free food and the seats are really good and spaced out. So you can lay down and watch a movie. Similarly I would recommend Odeon luxe because again its a bit more spaced out.

So we have adviced the parents and carers of autistic individuals and we have advised autistic individuals. Cinema industry its your turn now.

In most cinemas they have an autistic screening once a month or once every week. These are 98% of time a children’s film and they are few and far between. I would recommend doing it more often like once a week and having a mixture of films so that the autistic people using it get a variety of films. From what I have read as I have never used it. They keep the lights on, people can move around and the volume is turned down. If its anything like autism theatre looking at you autistic Lion King. It will need to be looked at and education on how to be in a cinema will also need to be done.

I hope that people have enjoy this blog. If you have tips for the cinema or anything to say then let me know in the comments, if you like this blog then give it a like and for more autistic guides then give this blog a follow.

2021 review and 2022 goals

2021 review and 2022 goals

Its that time of year again where we sing Auld Lang Syne and cross arms. Its also a time of year that we reflect on the year and think about what we planned for the year. I think that I have completed most of my goals for the year. I am not doing it in the same layout as the last year review because lets shake it up a bit.

This year Ruth and I did something crazy we moved up north back to living closer to our family this was lovely, however it also around the time that the UK was put in yet another lockdown. University stayed online so I studied online and went on a lot of dog walks with my other sister Cathy (who I love lots) we would walk the dogs in the local woods and put the world to rights. In April I did the World autism awareness week on the blog but had to stop a few days away from finishing because I had a bereavement. I got a job in June but it didn’t last long because it didn’t work out and it was messing around with my university stuff. I then got a job at Autism East Midlands in the Autumn and around that time I also handed my dissertation in.

In October I got my results and I passed my masters. Then in November I graduated and started my research to do my proposal for my PHD. Beginning of December I went to a wedding in the Cotswold which was lovely.

Overall the year has had its ups and down. I completed my goals from my last years blog. I have passed my masters and have chance to be a member of BPS. I have started the process to start applying for my PHD, I moved up north up and I got a job up north that I have settled into. The blog did go a bit haywire with its schedule but in the new year I want to try out different things with blog. Looking at fandom stuff and stuff to do around movie reviews. Off course I’ll also do the autistic guide blogs because its what the blog started off as. It is the routes of the blogs.

2022 goals are simply to get my proposal finished and be closer to starting my PHD. I want to get healthier and get into a good routine with work.

So to finish off Happy New year everyone!

The autistic guide to weddings

The autistic guide to weddings

Hello and welcome to my blog, I hope everyone is safe and healthy out there. I have been absent from the blog for over a month but I’ve been super busy with life I started a new job, handed in my dissertation, passed my masters and attended my graduation so yeah I’ve been busy.

As things are reopening weddings are becoming more of a thing again and there are stuff about them that make them not autism friendly but with a lot of work and a bit of Dutch courage (over 18s) we can get through this. This blog is a tip for both autistic adults and for parents, carers and support workers. If you have come to the blog you are one of the above or you’re that art enthusiast that keeps reading the title wrong.

Parents and carers

First things first plan a head is the wedding going to be something they enjoy or are they only going because you want them to go if you do it then leave them with someone or if they are capable then leave them alone for the night it’s a good respite opportunity.

Another tip is check out the venue before hand if it’s in a hotel then I recommend booking a room so that you and your autistic family member or person your caring for and have the option to escape from the wedding for a bit. 

Autistic inviduals

My biggest tip for autistic individuals is to research the venue and if it’s a hotel then book a room so you have time to get away. It will make you feel calmer and less likely to have a meltdown. It’s good knowing you have somewhere to go even if you don’t need it in the end.

I also recommend bringing fidgets or stims so that you are prepared if you need it. Its really important to make sure you know you have the option to stim if you need to.

Sit in the bar area if it is too loud in the main hall it’ll make you feel included in the stuff that is going on without the pressure of being in a loud in environment. Also its important to make sure that you prepare yourself for the disco it will be loud and it will be bright so if use it then bring ear defenders, ear plugs or sunglasses.

Closing notes
Remember it’s a fun day don’t worry about needing time away or needing time to stim because a wedding is a joyous occasion. The biggest tip I can give you as well is to just have fun and do what you need to do.

Thank you for reading if you have your own tips or hints for dealing with weddings comment bellow if you have like this blog then like it and if you want more autism guides then follow the blog.

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone reread part one

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone reread part one

Hello and welcome to my blog, if you read my last blog then good news the National Autistic Society hasn’t murdered me with their secret hit man. Bad news I had one of their content creators decide to post about how great relaxed performances are the day after I did a blog about how they can be improved. Coincidence I think not!

I have seen this concept on Tiktok of people rereading the books as adults and picking it apart everything has some hidden meaning due to its plot holes and the controversy with JK Rowling. I don’t stand with her views and trans women are women, just to put that out there. However the Harry Potter books have always had a place in my heart, I grew up listening to them on audio book because I struggled to read when I was younger. I used to spend a lot of time in my room and I would listen to it constantly.

Then when I would sleep I would fall asleep listening to it. The only one I couldn’t fall asleep to was Prisoner of Azkaban and that’s because I would get too into it. I think sometimes you can split the art from the artist. With some of the points I have been seeing on TikTok videos I was surprised like I don’t remember that being so obvious. So the point of this reread is to see is there hidden meaning to the book or is it people just reaching. I am going to do this as a series throughout the series.

I am going to go through the chapters one by one talking about the good, the bad, the plot holes and potential offensiveness if I see it. This blog will be from The boy who lived to the keeper of the keys to avoid it being a 1000000 word blog. I plan to do four chapters per blog. Also to make you aware I am rereading them as someone who has read and listened to them a lot. Reference to future books will be mentioned. Spoiler alert for the rest of the books and movies. So let’s begin.

The boy who lived

This chapter sets up the rest of the series, its the beginning of everything. The books starts in the third person but we as the reader are in the head of Vernon Dursley then once the Dursleys go to bed its third person with no point of view, its supposed to be a normal day. It sets up the Dursleys well as who they are as people. The magic community being reckless is amusing they are all like Voldemort’s gone lets send thousands of letters and send out shooting stars. Vernon Dursley goes to work and notices that there are people wearing cloaks and he is so angry about it which is lightly amusing. Just let people live their lives. Also it negates the head canon that the Dursley were dicks because they were around the Horcrux.

The timeline is a bit messed up so the Potters died on Halloween night which is the 31st of October, Hagrid picks Harry up that night and Sirius was there. He gives him the motorbike and Hagrid goes off. Then Sirius goes off to find Peter Pettigrew. Then the 1st of November is when the parties and stuff are happening and that night or the early hours of the 2nd of November Harry is dropped of at the Dursley’s, so where were Hagrid and Harry for the missing 24 hours. Was Harry taken to a doctor or was he flying around for 24 hours. He mentions that he fell asleep going over Bristol but how long were they flying over Bristol. It makes no sense. Also we know its Hagrid who told McGonigal where to go. When did he have time? Also we know Sirius goes after Peter on 1st of November so news of his arrest would be going around as well.

McGonigal is the only person in this whole book series that has sense, to be begin with she is worried about Hagrid being the right person to bring Harry there. As soon as she found out Dumbledore’s plan to leave Harry with the Dursley’s she knew that they’d end up abusing him. Dumbledore also knew but didn’t care because blood protection. Also Dumbledore asks her why she isn’t out enjoying the parties like three of the students that she liked hadn’t just been

So in the earlier version off the book Hagrid says that Sirius lent him the motorbike, so we know he was expecting the bike back and then later on he say he is going to give the bike back. In the later versions of this book it says that Sirius gave him the bike and that he was going to put the bike away. So she fixes her timeline for Sirius but doesn’t explain the day that Hagrid and Harry are flying over Bristol. Also probably a bit nit-picky but it came into my head when I was reading the books but why does Sirius have a giant sized bike. Sirius wasn’t a giant.

They left a one year old on a doorstep. What if he had been kidnapped by a death eater, stepped on in the morning or just died of Hypothermia it was November in England. What if Petunia randomly decided she wasn’t putting the milk bottles out. Also its harsh that she finds out her sister died through a letter.

The vanishing glass

10 years later and Harry is being neglected and abused. From this moment on it’s mainly in Harry’s point of view but in the third person. The movie does miss out a lot of Harry’s sass in his inner monologue. If they do the HBO series they need to have Harry’s voice over. Harry is locked in the cupboard for days on end, he’s in clothes once worn by Dudley a child twice his size, he doesn’t get any affection and in this very chapter he gets shouted at constantly. Screw Dumbledore for leaving him with the Dursley’s. So James equally died saving Harry and James was apart of the whole pure blood stuff. He could have been given to anyone the name that come to mind Andromeda Tonks she would have enough blood connection to protect Harry.

Harry has a dream about a flying motorbike but if he wasn’t aware enough to notice his own mother dying in the same room enough to see thestrals would he remember the motor bike even in his subconscious. Probably he was on the motorbike for 24 hours. The way they use Harry as a servant is so crap, he cooking for them at age 10.

So, lets address the elephant in the room. Recently there has been debate that the description of the Dursley’s is fat phobic because Vernon and Dudley are overweight. Rereading it though I don’t think that’s the case because there are over weight people in the franchise for example Molly Weasley is described as plump but she is a good person. Also the books are mainly in Harry’s head/point of view so he’ll describe them negatively not because of their weight but because they are mean to him. Nobody hates the Dursley because they are overweight its because they are dicks to Harry. Also Petunia the one that is blood related to Harry that is a dick to Harry and she’s not fat. I think it’s a way to show the audience that you can any size and still be a dick. I can understand though why it is construed as fatphobic but in my opinion I don’t see it.

The way they treat Harry is horrible, with the inner monologue you can see how young he is. Sometimes to easy to forget with all the adventures he goes on. He is so young. He always hears them talking bad about him which wouldn’t help his self esteem and he’s not even upset he’s got to the point now where he’s just accepting of his fate. It’s really cute that he wants to be left at home to watch tv and eat food. They are like and come back and find the house destroyed. He ends up going to the Zoo with them. At the zoo the Dursley’s get him an ice lolly and food at the food place at the Zoo so they know how to act around him outside such an abuse thing acting normal outside but being a dick inside. Anyway away from the Dursley’s I don’t know why but this reread I am more screw you Dursley.

When Harry is speaking to the snake is he hissing or is he speaking English. I forget sometimes that they don’t get stuck in the tank in the book. His early magic was amusing, he’s so sassy in his thoughts.

The letters from no one

So, Harry has been in the cupboard for a month and school is finished, did he go to school. Or was he in a cupboard for all that time. He’s looking forward to going to a different secondary school because he’ll be away from Dudley so he might make some friends. If only he knew.

Harry sass is amazing, Dudley tells Harry that they put peoples head in the toilet at Harry’s new secondary school and Harry says this “The poor toilet never had anything as horrible as your head down it might be sick”. Such sass and in the next page he’s see’s his school uniform in a pot of water and he says “I didn’t realise it had to be so wet”. So much sass.

Harry should have chucked his letter in the cupboard, silly Harry. They think that they are being spied on but then move Harry to another bedroom so that he doesn’t get another letter. Or are they doing it so they can be like look we treat him so good. Isn’t it bad though that Dudley pretended to cry, was sick on purpose and hit his mum because this has probably worked in the past which is just crazy. This reread I am struggling to be annoyed at Dudley as much as I normally would do because he’s a child. I think that my psychology degree is coming to play here so rather than seeing Dudley as this super villain I am seeing him as a product of his nasty parents.

Harry stepped on Vernon’s face to get a letter, his face should be broken. I love how Hagrid is just like not giving up getting these letters to Harry. They are in eggs, they are milk bottles and he even sends some down the chimney. Vernon packing the family up and leaving is so weird. Surely they want Harry to go away they didn’t want him. So they go to a hotel and Hagrid sends a lot of letters to the hotel. Which adds the question is Hagrid following them subtly and if so he could have been a guest at the hotel. But you know plot.

Harry nearly forgets it’s his birthday and that’s sad. He’s counting down from 10 to when it’s going to be his birthday, in the audio books if you’ve stopped paying attention trust me you start paying attention after the first boom. Especially in the Stephen Fry version of the audio books. So many times I would jump.

The Keeper of the keys

First thing first I love Hagrid and no amount of rereads will change my mind. The movies did him dirty because in the book he recognises Harry straight away, there’s no mistaking him for Dudley. He also spells Harry’s name right in the movies because again Hagrid isn’t an idiot. The fact they try to make him more like an idiot in the movies is ableist, the fact he spells Harry’s name wrong is meant to be for laughs, hahahaha a person can’t spell. You know who always can’t spell people with learning difficulties. JKR could have taken that out if she wanted to she had the choices of the movies. So I may not completely see the fatphobia but the ableism is loud.

See how pure Hagrid is, the Dursley’s point a gun at him and he’s straight away making fires for them so they are warm. He also makes enough sausages for everyone to have some. He is such a good person. He gets angry when Harry doesn’t know about Hogwarts. He gets angrier when Harry apologises. It’s amusing that the Dursley’s are trying intimidate a half giant is amusing. Now isn’t the time Vernon!

Harry finding out he is a wizard is so so iconic and the fact he questions it is so interesting. It takes a bit longer in the book to come to the realisation. Him connecting the dots is adorable and we can see him become more relaxed in himself now that he knows he isn’t just a freak.

So, a criticism I see a lot about the books is it’s not planned out and JKR forgets stuff. People say that she didn’t plan a lot of it. I think though Petunia’s rant about magic is dripping in jealousy and years of pent up annoyance. Which will come into play in the Deathly Hallows when we see her write to Dumbledore asking her to go but when she is rejected she gets angry over jealousy and the anger over the years. Could be she sees Harry the child that is her sister’s showing signs off magic and she wants that for herself. Also with petunia the anger could grieve, obviously she wasn’t close with her sister but in the same morning she got a baby and the news her sister died in a letter. She wouldn’t have time to process it because she would have jumped straight into parenting. So that could add to the resentment and her treatment of Harry.

Harry finding out about his parents deaths and how he is famous is interesting. For the first time Harry is being told what is going on by an adult without the adult getting annoyed about asking questions. The Dursley’s interjecting every so often just to remind us they are there is annoying, yes JKR we know they are there they brought the kids to the hut on the rock. The pig tail is so extra. I love Hagrid.

So what have we learnt from the first few chapters, Harry is a sassy kid who is ready to escape his life with the Dursley’s. The Dursley’s are awful people however Petunia and Dudley have reasons behind it. Yet to find a reason why Vernon is a dick other than he hates different people. Though I didn’t see fatphobia in the books there is some ableism in the movie. Hagrid is an amazing person that can do no wrong and deserves better.

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