Types of staff/volunteers you get at disabled youth groups

Types of staff/volunteers you get at disabled youth groups

So last week I did this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8zO1iR5hi4 about the types of young people you get at disabled youth groups. This blog is the follow on to that video talking about the volunteers and staff because they won’t be getting let of the hook. This all for fun and I don’t mean any offense

4. The jobsworth: lets start with the one of the ones that gets me the most annoyed. The jobsworth think everything has to be done by the book and if things aren’t to the schedule during a trip they flip their lids and they act like it all the fault of the young people and being a young person with understanding I used to find this really annoying how is that meant to help us feel any better about ourselves. On the way to the Xscape centre in Milton Keynes we were lets say 1 and a half away from it with minimal traffic. We got stuck in traffic and I can hear this volunteer chuntering about how the young people didn’t get on the bus straight away and how it wasn’t quick enough we needed to organise ourselves better. We are two groups together of varying needs and functioning levels. Cramming about 20 kids and about 10 staff members on to a coach and making sure everyone is sat in the perfect spot to avoid us sitting in the hard shoulder for the whole day because billy bob has stood up of the sixth time. So chill your beans. The jobsworth would be the volunteer and they weren’t even getting paid for the trip to go well and volunteers were given the easier kids. So sit down shut up and think calm thoughts.

3 . The challenging behaviour trained also known as the grumpiest person to walk the earth however on the flip side the challenging behaviour trained can also be a very muscled bloke. The grumpy one is something to behold she goes around with the challenging one and will be seen having her hair pulled or being scratched but to be honest thinking back I think she was expecting it all the time therefor she would have a self fulfilling prophecy. This staff member would usually quit after the summer holidays because they had enough for the next one to come in bouncy and bushy tail before they had the challenging summer then they’d quit in the summer. Their male counterpart seemed to have it more together thing is with the bloke he was a volunteer then he built himself to a staff member and then he had the training and he became challenging behaviour trained and was the coolest person ever and nothing ever phased him. He had a way of getting a rapport with the challenging one but would also venture out to the young people that weren’t challenging and work with them as well.

2 . The chocolate tea pots this one links sometimes with the jobsworth. They had no idea what on earth they were doing and 99% of time they were a volunteer that wanted work with the children/toddler group but for some reason had been put with the older group so they had no idea what to do with teenagers. They seem to have the idea that we still are children which we aren’t.

Again going back to the trip to Xscape, my boyfriend (now ex) was on the trip so I was sat with him. He had a coping mechanism which meant sometimes he’d act lower functioning than he was so people left him alone. Anyway we get to Xscape we all go to the loo because we’ve on a coach for about 2 hours. Then we all gather in the café because despite the traffic we were like 20 minutes early for snow fun thing, basically we were doing the activity of going up a hill and then sliding down it in a like sledge thing. Only if you called it sledging the instructor would be grumpy. Anyone back to the point we went into the Café and because I was at the back of the queue to the loo when I got to the café, we had a corner to ourselves but we had run out of seats and my boyfriend was sat in a seat so I sat down on his lap so I could have a seat and I wrapped my arm around his neck. A neurotypical teenager would do the same. The volunteer got up and was like you can’t sit on his knee its inappropriate. So I sat on the floor and then the volunteer was like you can’t sit on the floor your in the way. So I got up again and sat back down on my boyfriends knee. The volunteer opened her mouth again and was like you can’t sit on his lap. So asked her straight out do you have a boyfriend and she was like yes. I was like so if you in a situation where there were no seats and your boyfriends lap is free you’d sit on it. She ended up shutting up after that and the staff around me were looking impressed.

1. The mother hen this one can be either the overly patronizing Mother hen that would treat 15 year olds like babies or toddlers. Or you would get the mother hen that treated the teenagers like teenagers and always had the teenagers best interest at heart. They first one I had no time for I am 14 I don’t need help with toiletting or anything like that so if I say I am going to the toilet don’t try and drop everything to give me a hand I got this. Sit down and shut up. I got this covered. They would again be someone that applied to volunteer with the younger group and ended up being put with the older group. We would rarely get volunteers would apply to do teenagers groups because they thought the children would be easier. Guess again, the children were more hands on. Us teenagers apart from challenging ones and the ones that were picky would get on with things and were more regulated. The second mother hen is the best, she was usually a member of staff and she just would make an effort to get to know us all and how we ticked and how we would react to things. This one had techniques for calming and would listen to us which was important. they were usually a lot of fun to be around. They would go rogue during trips and would listen what we wanted to do which is important when working with different functioning levels.

Hope this blog is very informative or at least a fun read. I am moving at the beginning of February so I’ll be doing a vlog of our move and then do the Autistic guide to moving house. Comment below if you think I have missed anybody out or if you have any fun stories. To see more like this then follow the blog.

three tags mixed in one massive tag

three tags mixed in one massive tag

Hello today’s blog was meant to be an autistic guide but due to the Lockdown news I thought people might want to see something really light hearted rather than hospitals and madness so I have mixed up get to know me tag, the Disney tag and first tag with some stories added in for good measure. To start the year of blogs light hearted. Then next weeks video will be the types of young people you get at disabled youth groups.

What is my name and age? Rosemary Louise Barnes (Rosie) and 26 years old

Are you named after anyone? My dad’s favourite Aunty.

Who is your favourite actor? Kieran Richardson in the space of a year he went from a drug addict to a Nazi.

Who is your favourite actress? Emma Watson

Can you whistle? No

Do you have any pets? Yes a gorgeous short legged Jack Russell called Kammy

What’s on your bucket list? To visit New York at new year, to go to the grand canyon, use a tree house accommodation at Center Parcs and live a year in Brussels in Belgium.

What is your favourite Wetherspoons? The counting house in Glasgow. It has a lovely atmosphere and has awesome vibes from the staff. The first time we went it was really busy so I attempted to walk out but then we found a table on the way out an it was meant to be. Then we were like we are never leaving again because as we sat down the place got busier so we were like we are trapped here forever, but the second time we went it was close to the Christmas time and it had a lovely vibe to it.

What is your favourite book? A child called it.

First broken bone? I was what was called an unauthorised climber so I would climb on the barrier between the gate and the road. I was sat on that which was high up above the great. It was on the barrier minding my own business on my last day of half term and my last day in year 6 at primary school ever. I shuffled to climb down and xdown. I broke my elbow on my last day of Primary school ever.

first foreign country you visited? Lourdes.

Fist youtuber subscribed to? Jaackmaate, my first video I ever watched of him was 25 things everybody hates and 10 types of people everybody hates.

First alcoholic drink? Lambrini followed by Cider

Favourite alcoholic drink? Prosecco and Rose wine

Favourite place to visit? Dunstable downs and Willen lake

What is your favourite book? the Harry Potter franchise

What is your favourite musical? Jesus Christ Superstar

Favourite Disney movie? Frozen 2

Favourite Disney song? Tangled: I see the light

Favourite villain? Scar

Favourite villain song? The madness of king scar – West End Lion king.

Least favourite Disney song? Biddy boddy boo- Cinderella.

First computer game ever played? The sims

First podcast? RedHanded the pod until I get kicked out the facebook group for disagreeing with protest.

Best ways to pass the time? hamma beads and listening to JaackMaate happy hour podcast

Favourite Youtubers? JAACKMAATE because I have been watching his channel forever and he is always tells it how it is even if its to do with his friends, Emma Blackery been watching her channel for a while and her feel good one o one book is amazing and something I read a lot in stressful times and Steven Crowder because even though he’s a Trump Supporting conservative but he has good points and he does his research.

What is your favourite song? Sherrie Austin Streets of heaven

What is your favourite stim? Spinning lights, fidget spinner and off course kinetic sand.

Hope everyone enjoyed this and it wasn’t completely honest I am putting this out because I had writers block when it came to my autistic guide blog this week. The next blog will be more substantial.

2020 review and 2021 goals

2020 review and 2021 goals

What a year it has been there have been lows and there have been highs and many moments of me just saying out loud “I miss Glasgow” because I miss Glasgow and due to the pandemic Scotland shut the border. There have been good moments this year and some crazy moments. Lets recap the year looking at the highs and lows of the world from memory for a bit of fun and what I got up to.

January: Ruth and I completed that winter walk around London. We saw a lot of London Landmarks and we beat our time of the last time we did a half marathon by 30 minutes. I got a C in my first research methods report which was exciting because it was the first research report of my masters and I had lost all confidence in research methods a few years ago so to pass with a good mark was great. In the world Prince Harry left the royal family but still kept his title. Covid-19 was discovered in China and they were the first country to lock down and also I remember they tried to impeach Trump over something.

February: I went to Center Parcs twice once with Ruth at Woburn in a one bed apartment it was a good time and then the week after I went with the family at Sherwood for Hannah’s birthday. That was the time we tried a Cabana at the sub tropical for the first time. Ruth and Cathy attended a wound care course and Ruth decided to have a kidney stone without permission so ended up in hospital for the night. At this point COVID-19 was just something that was in China and the US. We got told by not to panic and that the virus would be under control if it hit the UK. Boris said some people would die but everything was going to be okay and just go to the pub and wait for it to pass over. The border stayed annoyingly open even though our tourism is usually from China because that’s a great idea.

March: The UK went into Lockdown at the end of March and guess what the rest of Europe was put into Lockdown at the beginning of March and Europe did a travel ban guess what the UK stayed open. The cases carried on rising and the Nightingale Hospital was set up to be a COVID hospital. As things got worse the universities and schools shut and everything was put online and luckily for me out the deadlines were extended as well. As things started changing I bought a lot of stims and fidgets to keep regulated. Also in March A woman in America called Breonna Taylor got killed either in a drug deal gone wrong or in her bed. This month people started clapping outside for the NHS.

April: I enjoyed the statistics in my report for the first time ever. I felt confident doing the statistics and it was good way to feel. People became rude in shops they would snap and be very sarcastic with people. I turned 26 in lockdown and had a pizza with a Harry Potter marathon. In April I got a cough so I had my first Covid test and had to be held in place during the nose swab because I didn’t like it and he did it wrong. With a covid test you have got to do the mouth first to wet the swab so when it goes in the nose it hurts less but he shoved it up my nose dry and it hurt so I moved away and I didn’t like it. Over Easter I did my Jesus Christ Superstar review and I really enjoyed doing it and I enjoyed the reaction. From what I remember from what happened in the real world in the news in April was Trump was accusing China of something.

May: Ruth and I completed the May Anyway Challenge which was 100km over May. So we walked around Willen lake, Furzton lake, Caldecott lake and local parks. I got accused of hate speech for not approving of protests in London over the death of George Floyd because we were still in a lockdown in the middle of global pandemic it was dangerous and there others ways to protest without breaking lock down and before you all come screaming at me I also disagreed with the end lockdown protests. We were told to stay at home so we should have stayed at home. Then a lot of riots happened and we had a rise is cases. Hmm wonder why.

June: I finished my IPA report and vowed to never do it again because it was very difficult. Ruth had a busy week telling me about AOS to prepare for a job interview while we walked around Willen lake I told her I was either going to chuck her in the lake or I am going to chuck myself in lake to get away from AOS. We decided to go to the park and have a Nandos after the interview to escape the AOS talk and on the way home we got the news that Ruth got a promotion so to celebrate we got drunk on Gin and watched JaackMaate. In the real world there were riots and statues taken down.

July: Hamilton was released on Disney plus and I watched it a lot. It was a lot of fun and every time I would watch it I would see something new. In July the pubs reopened and Ruth and I went to the pub to celebrate her promotion and saw some friends on the SOS bus and some friends on the ST John’s unit. Two first aid places were out as it was called crazy weekend or something so they were prepared. One was a van with a first aid kit and the other was a van and mobile unit and an ambulance with oxygen I wonder which one won ;). In July I got my results for my first year overall and I only had to do one resit which I was impressed with. The biggest thing I was ecstatic about was in both research methods units I got a C overall in both and that helped with my confidence when it comes to research methods.

August: Ruth and I went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at Regents park open air theatre we sat in the yard area and watched it on a screen with a lovely picnic. It was a great evening with hilarious moments of Jesus putting himself on the cross and putting a crown on his head. It was good and it my mind off how crazy 2020 was so far. We also moved to our new house which is an amazing flat. I also decided where I wanted to do my PHD starting in September 2022 I decided it was between three universities; University of Wolverhampton, Regents College in London and Glasgow Caledonian University that I am going to apply to all three and see who gets back to me. Joe Biden announced Kamala Harris was going to his Vice President and was going to be the first black and lady vice president if Joe Biden won which was lovely. Most people were like yay and some Trump supporters decided to call it a publicity stunt. Also we got told to eat out to help out in the UK to help the economy but we seemed to help the virus.

September: I went to Covid secure Center Parcs with my sisters. I did some videoing but one of the clips malfunctioned and it was legit the best clip it tied all the vlog together but it malfunctioned so I had to be like fine no vlog. During that Center Parcs I dropped my purse on the way home from the sports bar and the next day I went to the sports bar to see if I had left it and it was found and taken to the guest service . I went to guest services to get it but the person in charge of lost property was on lunch so to come back at 14:00 which I did. I went to guest services and asked for my purse and told them I got told to come back. The woman went on the phone “Hello did a man come in earlier because he lost his purse” as soon as I heard her say man I snapped “Woman” she then panicked and was like woman, woman. I got my purse back and all was well there but I got slightly annoyed that she thought I was man. I may have short hair and overweight but I also have breasts like surely that should count. While at Center Parcs we watched the first episode of Des and then when we went home I watched the whole series. I will be reviewing that over February this year on the blog which will be gushing over how amazing David Tennant is in it. We got our dog living with us again.

October: I started back at University and it as half online and half face to face teaching. Ruth turned 29 and we went to the pub with our other sister and then went home for a drink. Started at looking at house buying and how mortgages planned some life stuff. Trump and his wife developed Covid-19 and then had to go to hospital. People wished him death and destruction which seemed a bit harsh I know they don’t like Trump but if he dies then Mike Pence would be president and I’d rather not. Covid 2nd wave took us by storm and our fearless leader after a month of being like no lockdown no lockdown. Did an emergency briefing on a Saturday and we were put back into lockdown.

November: Biden won the presidency. The night of the election I checked my phone every time I woke up in the night because I had work the next day. It took us days to get the result so that gave Trump enough time to call fraud and trickier like a small child that didn’t win at food ball. In November Ruth started to get unwell one day and she had a Covid test before her symptoms started because she’s a nurse. Anyway she had a negative result so we assumed it was tonsillitis. Then the next day she was given a positive result. So we had to do another test to double check and it was positive. So we had to self isolate and give our dog to our parents to look after so that she can have more freedom and not be cooped up in the flat. Then Ruth started to get better we were at the end of isolation and guess what I got a cough and a temperature. My taste and smell went away and everything tasted horrible. I had a test and guess what I had caught Covid-19. It was horrible. I had the usual symptoms and I also had sinus pain. I was feeling very under the weather but once isolation ended I was feeling a lot better so I attempted to get back into routine. In November the sunflower lanyard came under fire literally and Sia’s movie music trailer premiered on twitter.

December: What a month December has been. I went back to work and then started to experience adverse health issues. My heart would race and my chest would hurt. When I got it checked out in hospital they told me it could be post Covid issues. I had a bad week of pain and stress because my essay was due in as I was suffering with heart palpitations and I was like I am over that week. After it was handed in. Then after all that my heart carried on racing and being a pain so I had to cancel my shifts in December and decided I was going to go to the doctors after New Year. Ruth has been feeling not herself since Covid either and its been the year as well so she is going to go to the doctor as well. I joked its because my heart missed Glasgow because my memories on fb a year ago we went to the Christmas markets in Glasgow. Poor Barbra Windsor died this month and I grew up on Carry on films so I was really gutted when I heard the news. After that we were told multiple time by our fearless leader Christmas was safe unfortunately days before Christmas he decided to put London and the South east in tier 4 out of his three tier system. I think our leader has forgotten how to count. So he did this on the Saturday evening at about 4pm for it be implemented at midnight. Then there was mass panic and the major train stations with trains out of London including Euston, Kings Cross and St Pancras was jam packed with people escaping the south before we were locked in. I can’t wait for tier 47 where we can’t even look out the window and we have a dome over the whole of England.

I don’t have any resolutions this year but I do have 2021 goals. By next December I want to have finished my masters with hopefully a good mark and a BPS accreditation. I want have applied for my PHDs and I also would like to be close to owning a house. For my blog I am going to be more organised with it and I will be doing a blog every Wednesday with a YouTube video every month if I can. Sometimes it’ll be more than one video and sometimes it’ll be more than one. I want to be more involved on the blog and online because I have a lot to say and I think that I can make things better with my humour and guides on how to help people. I will also be dabbling in true crime (no James Bulger I want to keep my online presence) and will be reviewing movies, musicals and life as we go through what ever 2021 has for us. I would love to go do Hogmanay in Edinburgh again however that completely depends on if Scotland has decided to reopen by next December.

So if you want to watch my blog and YouTube grow over the year like this blog and follow. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel which is https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelLittle2010/videos.

So my next blog will be 6th January which will be the autistic guide to hospitals.

Sia’s movie Music an insult or overreaction

Sia’s movie Music an insult or overreaction

In November the trailer dropped for Sia’s movie Music and it was met with a lot of controversy on twitter and other social media outlets. It was similar to Puppet Gate a few years ago but seemed ten times bigger but yet again had the author, the cast and every person that liked the look of it being screamed at over social media for being ableist and I have a few things I would like to say to world about it.

So to start I am going to review the trailer. So the trailer starts with Kate Hudson in bed talking about getting the guardianship of her half sister Music yes the girls name is Music. Then we are given a shot of Maddie Ziegler playing Music listening to I assume Music. The shot then changes to Leslie Odom Jr character talking to Kate Hudson character about Music saying how she understands everything that is being said her but is differently abled. While talking about Music the camera cuts to Music using Augmentative and Alternative Communication device (AAC) she uses the iPad and Leslie Odom Jr character asks her if she is happy and she presses I am sad with a laugh and a smile on her face so she is goofing around. It then goes back to them in the street talking Music is a bit of behind appearing in her own world but happy. The scene then cuts to them in the street having a “pool party” with a paddling pool. We then see into Music’s head as Kate Hudson character has a yellow bathing suit outfit and starts to dance. It then cuts between Music smiling excessively because it seems everyone else is seeing a street with a paddling pool and she is seeing a bright musical number. She presses the buttons I am happy and then it goes to like the tittles of who’s in while they dance.

So what did I think of the trailer I liked it. Not saying its perfect but its colourful and fun. It has AAC which is good representation for people that are severally autistic that use the device. The only problem I have with it is I used to work with a teenager that would use the iPad to ask for things and one day he asked for the London Underground I said not at the moment and he proceeded to drag me to ground by my clothes and attempt to scratch my face and then after that incident he would ask for impossible things that I couldn’t get him and then exhibit challenging behaviour. So now every time I hear the AAC I have a slight shiver go down my spine. Back to Music and away from my slight AAC PTSD. The way that Maddie acts in her own world is very realistic in the way she walks. Its bright and it could add another way of which an autistic person sees the world (plus its Maddie Ziegler when is she not dancing) and at least they haven’t casted a puppet.

Now lets talk about the controversy and what I agree with and what I don’t agree with. One of biggest controversy is… An autistic actor is not playing an autistic character it is seen as Ableist I both agree and disagree with this and before you start screaming at my social medias let me explain. There were thousands and thousands of tweets from both celebrities and the autistic community started tweeting Sia. The main autistic youtubers as in Kevin Chapman, Connor Ward tweeted about it. Some people tweeted the actors and people that liked the look of the trailer and slammed them down. So with an Neuro Typical person playing an autistic character its nothing new and has been done is 60s when the first autistic character was featured on the big screen. Most of the time autistic characters are played by non-autistic actors and it doesn’t take away from the character (except Rainman the stereotypes never go away) it can be done well for example Sean from the good doctor and Jane from Jane wants a boyfriend. It can also be done terribly Dustin Hoffman from Rainman and Sam Goodman from Atypical (link to that review of that show will be bellow).

So when I was younger I would watch the secret garden on repeat, Mary Lennox was a child living in India after an earthquake that kills her parents she went to go live with her uncles family. The actress that played Mary didn’t go to India and kill her parents. The point I am trying to make is you don’t need to be that thing to make the performance believable its to do with acting ability however Sia could have handled the criticism better without calling an autistic actor a bad actor. From what Sia said in her tweets she had tried to cast an autistic person that was pre verbal and it didn’t work out. So she ended up choosing Maddie to be the autistic character because she is in her music videos and her dance ability which shouldn’t be overlocked just because of the fact she isn’t autistic. For future films I think that they should look at autistic actors more but its still an audition process at the end of the day if the director doesn’t think an autistic actor is right for the part then just let things be.

Lets take a look at Sean from the good doctor as an example he is an autistic doctor with Savants syndrome that makes him extremely clever and good at his job. He has autistic meltdowns, he has autistic moments and he hasn’t got the best tack or social skills so can come across as rude. He is a good representation of an autistic adult and I think is one of the best depiction of it because he is a doctor first and autistic second. Some episodes its not even bought up at all. The actor that plays him Freddie Highmore is Neuro Typical but is a great actor he can go into Sean in seconds. So lets stop yelling at the actors about the casting. In Hollyoaks at the moment they have an autistic character played by an autistic actress and I can’t stand the autistic character. Is that because of the actress no its cos the character of Brooke just rubs me up the wrong way. Point being it can be either autistic actor or non autistic and its how the character is portrayed.

The other biggest controversy which I agree with completely is because she used Autism speaks and if your lucky enough to not know what autism speaks is then is a run down of what it is and why it is a load of rubbish. So Autism speaks is a charity in America that thinks that autistic people should be cured no matter what happens and talks about Autism as it is a disease or a burden rather than a condition. Its advertising and their words contribute to the issue of parents/carers just killing their autistic children because they think that they are burdened with an autistic child may seem a stretch but its can’t be a coincidence that autism speaks is an American charity and there is a higher rate in America of parents killing their autistic children. So using Autism Speaks for advice is not advisable and she should have done for research on the charity first before using them as her source of information. However what contours that is Maddie did a lot of research away from autism speaks so that she could get into the roll as an pre-verbal autistic girl. According to sources online she would adlib a lot and copy behaviours she had seen in her research it did take her a while to get there but she would rehearse it and try and get it right. Sia has stated that she has many neuro divergent friends when she was called ableist on twitter which people compared to a person being accused of racism and being like how can I be racist I have black friends but I don’t think its like that. The saying is you have met one person with autism you have met one person with autism she was trying to express that she had a variety of people that she knew.

So before this blog is another ten thousands words lets conclude what I think the main controversy is which is the Autism Speaks issue. The fact the main autistic character is played by an neuro typical person isn’t great but as explained above its nothing new and if the actor actually makes an effort and is respectful about it. Plus lets not beat about the bush its a musical/dance movie she was probably always going to pick Maddie. I don’t believe it should be cancelled like a lot of people are calling for because its just another story about bonding and being made a carer over night.

So to answer my question to start off with… it is an insult she used Autism Speaks and its a slight overreaction the fact Maddie is playing an autistic character. Lets stop tweeting the cast and lets just get along. With the way things a going now you’ll need to chop your own leg off to play a pirate.

The next blog will be less heavy and will be out next week around new year.

  • 2020 review with 2021 goal

See you next time stay friendly, stay kind and comment below what you think of it all (Nicely). Share it if you agree and like if you want to.

Atypical review: rosebud112.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/atypical-my-thoughts-and-ramblings-spoilers/

Sunflower lanyard… lets not set it on fire

Sunflower lanyard… lets not set it on fire

I have a lot of time on my hands due to being close to Christmas and because I am slowly getting over to COVID-19 so a few blogs as a few things have happened in the autistic community and there is somethings I want to say but I can’t put them all in one blog so this one will be around the sunflower lanyard controversy. The next one will be about Sia’s new movie called Music and the ones after that will just be autistic guide. A few are planned.

This blog is not to be a troll or to be a Meany or a massive bully but I am going to be responding to a youtuber that I used to watch called Connor Ward talking about how he is setting fire to the sunflower lanyard and saying how its dead to the autistic community on his YouTube channel, his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I know its probably old news but who cares. If I feel passionate about something

Before 2016 the symbol of a flower was used as a sticker that is put on the white board above a persons bed with their name to indicate they had dementia this flower was either a sunflower, a forget me not or a butterfly which was useful for nurses. Then after that in 2016 the sunflower lanyard was first seen in Gatwick airport in 2016 as a way to help people who are struggling in airports due to being autistic or special needs. After that it was recognized in shops and other businesses so that the wearer of the sunflower lanyard will get help. Then when the pandemic hit it became more known.

Before we go into the response to the video. I wear the sunflower lanyard when I need to and sometimes I wear it with the mask. I wear it without mask sometimes due to a sensory issue and also due to a trauma in my early adulthood which I won’t go into now.

Lets begin with the points I agree with. One they shouldn’t be abused by people just not wanting to wear the mask and I also believe that there should be a bit off proof that a person is a carer or have a hidden disability but I don’t think it should be too official like a formal diagnosis which I’ll go into more later.

Now lets get into what I don’t agree with lets begin. First things first Connor calls himself a consultant where is that PHD. He then goes on to talk about the history of the lanyard which he get accurate. He then starts to talk about the pandemic and how shop owners started giving out the lanyard to the staff who are mask exempt and saying that it was wrong that this was happening. I don’t agree with him because people that are mask exempt do have a hidden disability so giving it to the staff was useful so that they could be seen as a staff member that is mask exempt and when it comes to service show people they might be slower with getting stuff done like checking out items, stacking shelves and other stuff.

Then after that hidden disability made a card that said mask exempt at the end of the lanyard to make it easier for people. In the video it state it takes away the help that people were getting in supermarkets because it was now being seen as a mask exempt card but I think the reason why there seems to be lack of help is due to the pandemic the fact that everyone is trying to get through the shift as carefully as possible so they can get home to their families with less risk of infection. Things do evolve and what is the matter with that, things can’t stay the same all the time and if it helps. In my notes I have this point “black market in school?” he made a comment it was being sold on the black market in schools and last time I checked schools weren’t apart of the mafia.

He put a staff member wearing a lanyard on the spot in a groceries store asking them about the training they had on the lanyard and got surprised when they looked confused and stunned completely ignoring the fact that they were potentially autistic, have anxiety or maybe has better things to do than be grilled by a member of the public about the training they had. They probably had a queue of even more people to serve he just assumed the worse.

Another point I did not agree with was his analogy which was along the lines of you wouldn’t take a wheelchair users wheelchair and expect them to shop. Well apparently not getting the help that was given with the sunflower lanyard is the same. Its not because guess what take a wheelchair away from a wheelchair users they are on the floor. Take the sunflower lanyard away nothing changes they still go through the store and get shopping done because most of the time its not needed and shopping is done without it.

During the video he expresses that someone on this morning was defending the lanyard the lanyard because she wears it when she is with her deaf brother so that she doesn’t wear a mask and he doesn’t like that because the point of the lanyard was for people to get help and assistance. Does he not think a carer of a deaf brother doesn’t need help and also things evolve as I pointed out above in the blog I doubt hospitals are angry that Invisible Disability took the flower logo and put it on a lanyard. like I said before everyone that is mask exempt have a hidden disability so moaning that things aren’t that same anymore won’t help anyone. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Setting fire to the lanyard won’t help anyone and can actually put people at risk of burns. I know he says he doesn’t recommend setting fire to the lanyard or having a go at people that don’t seem disabled, a carer or have the mask exempt card after he spends 20 minutes saying how the autistic community is being down classed because the lanyard became more well known. Also he knows his fans are mainly autistic that take things literally so he needs to be careful.

To sum up my blog I get what he is trying to do and see that he is trying to help. I just don’t agree with what he says because it puts out there that people are wrong for using it as a mask exemption. I have ill will to Connor I just don’t agree with setting fire to the sunflower lanyard or having a go at people for wearing it as a carer or as a mask exemption because the pandemic is hard enough without rage over a lanyard with sunflowers on.

Next blog; Sia’s movie Music overreaction or insult to autism?

the autistic guide to face masks

the autistic guide to face masks

It is me again, everyone’s favourite autistic blogger, jokes I have like 11 followers but who cares if I can help at least one person either autistic or a family member of someone that is autistic then I will be happy. So its the 24th Of July on the day of writing and today is the day where it is mandatory to wear a mask in shops. The horror the horror. I hate masks but not in the whole you can’t make me, it goes against my rights crap its simply because I can’t see peoples facial expressions or their lips, I focus my processing skills on seeing the way the lips move. I can’t see the lips it takes me longer to process however I have been finding ways around this and I want to come up with recommendations that may help, or may not but at least you can have a laugh. This blog usually is for autistic people, their parents, carers, friends, support service and pet donkey but today sorry to all the parents, carers, friends, support service and pet donkeys it all about the Autistics.

First things first the sensory issues of the masks I have a few ways to get around this, one don’t tense your face up try and keep your face calm and mellow, otherwise you’ll end up with cramp and you end up having a cry outside Tesco because your ears hurt.  Another tip for the sensory issue of the mask count to ten and then count ten again in your head it works really well and it keeps you distracted. It works really well or distract yourself, sing the whole of Hamilton in your head if you have to but don’t take of the mask off. What has been helping me during mask time and I don’t actively encourage it is masking. If I am focused on acting normal and not like I feel like my face is going to fall off its a good distraction and it stops the people around you feeling awkward because you want to take your face mask off drop it on the floor and stomp on it the floor. I have noticed in lockdown and with more of the mask wearing my Echolia has been a bit more pronounced and I am not sure how I feel about that. I would recommend trying to stay calm but if it is to much get a face shield rather than it being on your face its strapped to your head. I would also recommend just going with the flow and its like would you rather be in discomfort for a shopping trip or on a ventilator due to COVID-19.  Sensory seek with other senses this can be squeezing your arms or using visual stims. Its not a bad thing to have stim now and then.

Next point lets talk about processing and communication with a face mask. Haha what is this communication business in a face mask. Here are a top tips on how to deal with processing and communicating in a face mask.

  1. Use your signs if you have any even the basics it will help the person you are speaking to understand what you are asking for and will give you an extra way to communicate.
  2. Ask the person to repeat what they are saying and if you still don’t hear them look around to your friend, work colleague, parent, carer, support worker or pet donkey to see if they know what they said.
  3. Give yourself more time to process because it will take longer especially when you can’t read their lips so give yourself some time to process.
  4. Look at the peoples eyes to see the emotion on peoples face. Unfortunately I means giving eye contact but it’ll help get some social cues from peoples face.

Overall with the masks they are an necessary evil and it won’t be forever. If it gets too much remember it is okay to do whatever you need to do to keep yourself regulated. Hope you like this blog if you do like, if you have something to say comment below and if you like what you see then follow my blog.

the autistic guide to Center Parcs

the autistic guide to Center Parcs

We are seeing the end of Lockdown, Poor Baden Powell’s statue has been protected,  and the summer is in full swing. Around this time a few years I was sat in my 3 bedroom executive lodge at Whinfell forest in the lake district and everything so serious right now so here is a bit of fun.

Center Parcs is a set of holidays villages in the woods across the UK and Ireland, there are five Center Parcs in the UK; Whinfell forest in the lake district, Sherwood forest in the peak district, Longleat forest in Wiltshire, Elveden forest in Suffolk and Woburn forest in Bedfordshire. One village is in Ireland and that one is called Longford forest in County Longford. Center parcs has a range of accommodation; hotel room, 1 bed apartments, 2 bed lodges, 3 bed lodges, 4 bedroom lodges and 4 bedroom tree houses and their are different levels of comfort or luxuries that can be booked you can get standard lodges which has the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathroom and patio. You can get an executive lodge which includes a wine cooler, coffee maker, more space and a hydro bath. You can exclusive lodges with a hot tub this one is similar to the executive only this one has a Suana or a hot tub. Sometimes even both a Suana and a hot tub with a games room. And last but not least we have a treehouse which is the most expensive but the most luxurious apartment you get a games room with stocked up drinks, sauna, hot tub and lots of other fun things.

I have stayed in most types of lodges except a treehouse that is for next October for Ruth’s 30th birthday once I get the money together for the deposit. I have been to 4 out of the 5 villages. My favourite one is Whinfell Forest it is amazing and I love it. I have visited Center Parcs enough to give a guide to the autistic world of how to get around the fun that is Center Parcs.

First things first booking a Center Parcs break is straight forward, you make an account and book your break. Depending on your child/family member’s tolerance to noise it would be better to go further away from the village. You can book this really easily it however does cost more to be going closer to the village stuff and it costs less to be further away from village stuff. After that you have booked it you sometimes have to wait a few weeks until you can book activities and the Center Parcs account has an itinerary so you can print it off and use a timetable or you can use the blackboard which I will get into more detail later. I recommend if you are reading this as an autistic adult or teenager to do your research over stuff to do with the Center Parcs your going to. Overall the Center Parcs website will give you a lot of information with maps, information about where the local hospital is and lots of other fun things like that.

Now lets look at activities. Here are some tips and tricks to book activities in an autism friendly way. I personally would recommend pottery painting it is very relaxing and is suitable for any age except under 2s which goes without saying. I would recommend booking the earliest slot or the latest slot because that is the quietest time and it is nice and peaceful. You can paint anything; plates, cups, creatures of the forest and off course they have seasonal stuff so Halloween they’ll have like witches hats.  If your family member struggles to stay focused the take motivators like mobile phones, Ipad or sensory stuff. Nobody notices because everyone is enjoying their holiday to notice. I would recommend the leisure bowl for a bit of bowling because its fun however I would warn you all it gets loud and the lights in the room are blue so if that is a struggle then bring sunglasses. The physical activities are good for letting of steam and I find will help get rid of some pent up anxiety.

For the autistic men and women out there the places I recommend the Aqua sana spa the music is relaxing the different experiences are amazing. At Woburn forest they have a sensory room experience area where they have one cool room with water coming down from the ceiling like a fountain and a light projecting on to a white table it is amazing (picture below). Also if you are a fan of deep pressure get yourself a massage it is amazing. To be fair your first massage you’ll be nervous before hand but once your in and on the table you’ll feel better. The one doing the massage will be soothing and calm. If you do feel confident tell them that your autistic however I personally don’t but if it is something you feel needs to be said then say it. I won’t go into a lot of detail as I will be doing a separate blog based on the aqua sana spa.

What to pack; well obviously enough clothes for the length of time for when you are away, bring DVDs that are happy and you know you are going to watch and enjoy, bring sensory items for example stims if you use them, bring stuff that motivates your family/friend/yourself/pet monkey and bring food.  When I next go to Center Parcs I’ll do a whats in my bag video just to show you what I bring.

Arriving at Center Parcs; you can come in to Center Parcs after 10 however you can’t enter your accommodation until 3:00pm at Woburn, Longleat, Sherwood and Elveden and 3:30pm at Whinfell with the standard and executive lodges. You can book early access from 2pm for an extra 50 pounds. In the tree houses and the more expensive lodges you can check in to your lodge 2pm. If your family member/friend/yourself/pet monkey struggles with waiting I would recommend arriving closer to the time of your accommodation to avoid meltdowns or shutdowns. Once you get into the apartment you will see a black board and you can use this to write down the time table for the weekend/week. I was going to show you a picture of what this could look like however the picture has gone walkies and we can’t find. So I am going to use just writing like this just pretend its on a black board (this is based on my usual family Center Parcs).

wake up and breakfast (cereal or toast)

9:30am pottery painting

After that swimming in the aqua sana

free time

12:00pm lunch bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns.

free time

18:00 Bella Italia

20:00 bowling

Something like that.

After arriving at Center Parcs getting everything from the car, the driver takes the car back to the car parks and everything is settling down form the evening. I read the Center Parcs inventory even the stuff that doesn’t concern me like how do the cots get set up. I read and read and read. I recommend doing this because it is interesting, it gives you an element of control and if you have a memory like mine you know which page has the phone numbers on. After all this the most important thing to do is enjoy your stay.  I have been to Center Parcs a load of times and because of the calming atmosphere I can say I have only had one or two meltdowns all together of the Center Parcs I have been to which is good.

Here are some tops tips for your stay!

  • Keep things calm and have less demands than usual, its a holiday for everyone so don’t stress if you have been working on something before hand and they don’t do it.
  • Bring headphones if you love music or watching stuff on your phone it helps to avoid overload.
  • Bring DVDS and enough food for your stay the shop at Center Parcs is good however can be pricey at times. I can’t tell you have many versions of greatest showman we have got just because we kept forgetting to bring DVDs. Use the shop though they have the kettle chips Bacon flavored and they are the best.
  • Book a cabana if you are a family because it is so nice and gives you all to have a break from swimming or if you have female members of your party that can’t go swimming because of pesky mother nature you have somewhere to sit and relax.
  • Have some down time don’t make the break activity heavy. Have activities but have times away from the village where you can sit in the apartment and chill. Let your family member/friend/yourself/pet monkey have time alone if they need time alone.
  • Have a great time which you will because Center Parcs is a very relaxing place with a good atmosphere.

Anyway that is the autistic guide to navigating Center Parcs. Thank you for reading this blog. If you liked it give it a like, if you have anything to say give a comment and if you want to read more of this follow my blog. Good bye for now.


The murder of Alejandro Ripley

The murder of Alejandro Ripley

I was watching true crime videos and I watched a video of Stephanie Harlowe talking about the case (I’ll link at the end) and I noticed it hadn’t been reported on as much as other cases that have blown up in the media recently. So this is me going through the facts of the case online and writing it down in a simple blog and why it is important that story gets as much attention. I mean no disrespect to anyone that I talk about in the blog.

So lets start from the beginning; Alejandro Ripley was a 9 year old autistic child who was pre-verbal. On Thursday the 21st May 2020 at night his mother Patricia Ripley rang 911 to report that two black guys had approached her and her son in the car and started to ask for drugs. She then alleged that when she said he had no drugs the men took her son, her cell phone and a tablet. First things first it is so Susan Smith like its bad, get your own cover story and blaming it on two black guys not cool Patricia not cool. Anyway the next day the body got found in a canal. The police were suspicious of Patricia as she kept giving conflicting statements about the kidnapping.

Then CCTV was discovered of Patricia Ripley walking along a canal with her son and she held his hand as they walked along she then faced him towards the water and said something to him and stroked his hair. Before pushing him into the canal and ran away. After this two people came and rescued him but didn’t see her push him. She helped towel him down and they went to another canal this one wasn’t as luck he was not rescued and he died, the autopsy showed that there was head injury but I think chances are its from the first push in a canal. Then the mum sat in her car for a bit before calling the police about the 2 imaginary black men that stole her child, cell phone and a tablet.

The police confronted Patricia with the evidence against her and she admitted to it but attempted to justify it by saying that he was going to a better place and as he grew up she was struggling with his behavior. She arrested for first degree murder with no bond. There were many different routes she could have gone in. She could have asked for help with behavior management, she could have got herself admitted for mental health issues or she could have looked online and been shown she wasn’t alone in her struggles. I think she was wrong, she was so wrong to kill her child and then blame it on the autism. Also if it was because she was at the end of her tether and she thought the only way to be free would be to kill her son. Why did she choose to drown her child, she could have found a less painful way to kill him but no she picked the scariest way to die. The worst thing about is he was pre-verbal he couldn’t ask for help, he couldn’t escape and he probably wanted the comfort from his mum the one attempting to kill him. Its so sad and I am surprised I didn’t hear about it sooner.

I will be following this case as it goes along as it will go to trial and to be honest I think she could get life in prison without possibility of parole or a long time on death row, she deserve to sit and suffer for what she did. I personally don’t believe he was killed because he was a problem with his behavior. If it was a moment of madness she would have come to her senses when she failed the first time and she wouldn’t have had the cover story she would have admitted to what happened. Also the fact it mirrors the Susan Smith case shows a lot.

It’s sad that this happened but what is sad that it isn’t as well known as the most recent stuff that has happened (George Floyd). Obviously a black man being killed by the police in America is terrible and I will not take away from that. However because of that I have seen the likes of Stephen Lawrence being mentioned. So we will hear about George Floyd everywhere and we’ll hear about a murder that happened in the early 90’s before we hear about a child being murdered by his mothers. Then some people are reporting it basing it on the fact that the mum blamed 2 black men rather than the fact that; A MOTHER MURDERED HER CHILD AND TRIED TO BLAME IT ON HIS AUTISM! All murders and killings should matter and reported on regardless of what is going on. I am not in anyway saying we shouldn’t talk about George Floyd and Stephen Lawrence or any murder ever but come on if I hadn’t have watched Stephanie’s video I wouldn’t have known this case. I got removed from a true crime podcast Facebook fan page for hate speech for having a differing opinion on protests, taking me not agreeing with the protests that are breaking lock down as me being racist and for police brutality but I am not. I was appalled with the death of George Floyd and I have ranted and raved about the death Stephen Lawrence so how does that make me a racist, it doesn’t it’s stupid. An autistic child died by the hand of their parent and it has barely been spoken about. One youtuber has spoken about it. Not even the American Autistic channel have said anything just barely noticed it. Even the Autistic channel that is in Florida didn’t mention it just did a BLM post.

Anyway I am not doing this blog to offend anyone to upset anyone. I am just effected by the case because it’s close to home. I am an autistic adult, I have worked with severely autistic children who were pre-verbal and the idea of any of them coming to harm would deeply upset me.  I just want to give Alejandro Ripley case some exposure to my readers. I believe that all cases deserve to put out there


Alejandro Ripley: 9-year-old boy pushed in canal by his own mother had signs of head trauma [Report]


The awesome Youtuber who informed me of the case. Follow her and watch her video she awesome!

Walking updates and a life update

Walking updates and a life update

Hello everyone, it seems like the world seems to have set on fire recently. Everything has gone a bit crazy. I was in self isolation due to cough and flu types symptoms and I was going a bit stir crazy. 

Here are some walking updates for this year. Easter walk was cancelled, the walk the walk night walk was cancelled, Louise Smalley Walk cancelled and because of all these cancellations and the fact we are stuck in the house we decided to deferred our Thames path challenge to the London to Brighton 2021. We decided this because Ruth has always said that she wanted to complete London to Brighton before her 30th and next year she turns 30 so we decided be nice walk to complete and train for.

Ruth and I will be doing the may anyway challenge throughout may where Ruth and I will walk a 100km over the month of the may.  Me being me I have decided to vlog and blog throughout may to have fun. There will be themes throughout May as well. Between the 1st and the 10th of may will be Isle of Wight themed, between 12th and 19th of may will be Jurassic coast theme and between the 21st and 28th will be London to Brighton themed. I have worked out what I am doing for Jurassic and London to Brighton one but still unsure of the isle of wight theme yet. Recently I have been interested into getting into public speaking and with that I have decided to work a bit more on my YouTube channel but don’t worry I won’t leave this blog to die. I’ll do both because I can get stuff out in writing I can’t get out in a video and sometimes I can do videos.

Over May I will be testing out doing both and see how it goes from there. I don’t expect anything crazy like a crazy amount over viewers but even if I get a few it would be great.

Here is my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI4mQF0pOC_fLAYShU9C8jw

Thanks for reading and I look forward to my walking in May.

Jesus Christ Superstar Mega Review part 2!

Jesus Christ Superstar Mega Review part 2!

So its time for part two lets remind ourselves of the scores from the last blog. 2012 with a score of 101/110, followed by 1973 with 88/110 and bringing up the rear is 2000 with 58/110. We finished off with Judas betraying Jesus to the Jewish Council and Jerome Pradon butchering the amazing works of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Here is the link to part one. I will be adding up the second act together and then adding it all up together


So time for act two

The Last Supper 

In the 1973 version they were in a garden/wooded area. Jesus does the whole bread and wine thing at the last supper and then the mood changes dramatically and Jesus questions whether he’ll be remember or if his men actually care about him. His voice changes and he sounds angry but his face stays the same making him look bored with the whole situation and it’s like he is betraying you and basically sending you to die a very painful and slow death. The scenery though was amazing it actually looks like a garden. Carl Anderson acts out the line “Every time I look at you I don’t understand, why you let the things you do get so out of hand, you’d have managed better if you had a plan” you see the look on his face he is distressed and he is doubting his plan. He is reaching out to Jesus but runs when Jesus attempts to comfort him.

In the 2000 version the singing was not great. It wasn’t the worst singing. It goes the same way he does the bread and wine moments and then Jesus starts to doubt himself and punches the table. The singing is lost at times to make way for acting. During the argument between Jesus and Judas it is a lot of screaming and shouting and the singing is lost completely. Also during “Every time I look at you I don’t understand, why you let the things you do get so out of hand, you’d have managed better if you had a plan” Judas drops to the ground and starts hugging Jesus’s leg, he is heartbroken and you can see that etched all over his face. Wouldn’t be so bad if to start of with Jesus looks so confused. He runs away again when Jesus attempts to comfort him.

In the 2012 version the singing is great, the acting is great. So many emotions are scene during this scene. Jesus is so upset and you can see it. When the beat goes up you see so many emotions go across his face. Also Mary was in attendance to the last supper which makes sense for a later line in a song. Throughout the song Jesus and Judas stare at each other a lot and at times the looks they give each other are full of emotions. Subtle acting at it’s finest. Jesus tell Judas to go and he starts leave before going down to do his insults part. Jesus pushes him over in anger and goes down two steps to gives symbolize that Judas has all the power. He is so upset during “Every time I look at you I don’t understand, why you let the things you do get so out of hand, you’d have managed better if you had a plan” but he also adds an element of anger and storms off.

The winner of this song is actually hard to do because they all have their strength and weaknesses but based on talent the winner is 2012 with a 10/10, followed by 1973 with a 8/10 (would be higher if Ted Neeley would stop looking bored) and finished of with 2000 with a 6/10 (would be higher if they stopped screaming their lines).


In the 1973 version he sings this song while climbing to the top of a mountain singing about not wanting to die. He is angry and he wants to know if his death with mean anything. Its a very emotional moment. When Jesus finally accepts his fate he sinks to the ground and gets future images of the Crucifixion with the looks of pain and the wounds being the main point of the images. Jesus then questions what is the point and he questions himself about why he is scared. Then it dawns on him that he didn’t start and his fate is out of his hands. He stands up slowly and sings into the sun rise. The acting in the this song is amazing and it makes you wonder if they told him he had certain scenes to focus on singing to save your energy for acting in Gethsemane.

In the 2000 version he sings the song well but he does scream a lot during the song and it is like ouch. The singing when he is building up for the scream then gets a bit out of breath sounding. I again believe this is again a case of singing coming secondary to the acting but it’s not on. Ted Neeley managed it and he was climbing up a mountain. Glenn Carter can certainly manage it on a simple set. After he accepts his fate he does another scream note and drops to the floor. He takes a couple of breaths and then carries on singing. It’s not like this is on stage its on a film. Get him to take the take again. They make this Jesus far to emotional and affects the singing.

In the 2012 version he sings it with emotion and take note Glen carter he still manages to keep his singing ability to great level. He is emotional when he accepts his death and then that turns to anger which is brilliant to watch as a whole. He changes the line from “God, thy will is hard but you hold every card” to “God, thy will be done, Take your own son” which is the first and the only reference in the musical that Jesus is the son of god. Most of the time he is being treated as a politician, a king and a man that will lead them into battle against the Romans.

The winners are joint victory 2012 with a 10/10 and 1973 with a 10/10. 2000 you unfortunately get a 3/10 for weird directing and constant screaming.

The arrest

In the 1973 version Judas kisses Jesus on the cheek with a quick peck and then Jesus is arrested on the spot. The disciples wake up and start to attempt to the guards but Jesus puts a stop to it and accepts his arrest and for the first time tells the disciples that it is all over and Ted has given up on acting again. It was short lived with Gethsemane. He is taken to Caiaphas and the others on the Jewish council. On the walk there people approached him with invisible microphones to ask him questions about his reign. With people speculating he will escape and get free towards the end. Once he is in front of the council. He looks hurt when he they say “Judas Thank you for the victim stay a while and you’ll see it bleed”.

In the 2000 version the scene is started with Judas arriving with guards, he sings to the guards “There he is” and then he sings to himself “Their all asleep the fools”  Judas approaches Jesus slowly as you see him shaking his head begging Judas with eyes not to betray him which completely negates the point of the accepting his fate in Gethsemane and he then kisses Jesus’s cheek for far too long it looks weird and when he kisses him Jesus lifts his hands up. Judas then start crying in front of Jesus and the disciples start to wake up but Jesus isn’t being arrested yet. Judas the puts his arms up to waist height of Jesus and Jesus put his hands on either side of Judas’s head but he sees this as a time for a hug. I don’t like it’s Judas that instigates the hug “its like I know I have betrayed you there for sentencing you die painfully and slowly but I need a hug” When they get separated by the guards Judas is holding to Jesus for dear life. As he is dragged he takes a plastic knife of peter and then gets dragged away to be blinded! The crowd shine multiple torches in his eyes which I find weird. I guess its their way of showing he is struggling and disorientated but all I think is what are you doing, your meant to be crucifying him not blinding him. During the bit where “Judas Thank you for the victim stay a while and you’ll see it bleed” Jesus gets taken past Judas and they came face to face and he gives him a comforting look and taps his chest. He has just betrayed you and you have forgiven way to fast.

In the 2012 version they arrive to arrest Jesus and Judas kisses Jesus quickly on the top of the head and walks away but Jesus catches his coat and pulls him to a hug.  I like that Jesus instigated the hug. He is the one being betrayed. While he is being taken to the Jewish Councils he is interviewed with visible microphones and the chorus are dressed as journalists and they are followed around by cameras and microphones. The guards had to restrain the journalists to stop them getting to Jesus. Which can be interpreted as a look at modern day journalism doing anything for a story that they’ll interview anyone even though they are in the process of being arrested. 

The winner is 2012 with a 10/10, followed by 1973 with a 9/10 and followed by 2000 with a 6/10.

Peters denial 

In the 1973 version the singing is great and however the person that plays peter has been taking acting lessons from Ted Neeley. He thinks him raising his voice is acting and its not. The tune to this song is the same as strange thing mystifying. At the end Mary is like “its what he told us you would do, I wonder how he knew”. How does she know she wasn’t at the last super.

In the 2000 version Peter sounds good and acts good and it’s interesting for him to see his desperation increase throughout the song. He drops to the ground as his desperation gets worse. They leave him alone and Mary comes on stage. “Peter don’t you know what you have said, you’ve gone and cut him dead”. Peter gets upset and holds onto Mary as he explains why he did it. You see how upset he is how remorseful he is. It’s sad in a way that the songs getting the higher marks are ones that are sung by side characters. Again how did Mary know what was said at the last supper she wasn’t there!

In the 2012 in this version Mary was actually at the last supper so it makes sense that she knows what was said at the last supper. However this one has a bit of a violent Peter. The lady that said she saw him before got strangled, held by the throat and its weird. Then at the end of the song he smashes a bottle and points it at everyone. Mary has to remove it from him. Peter shouldn’t be that violent.

The winner is 2000 with a 10/10, followed by violent Peter with a 9/10 and bringing up the rear is 1973 with a 5/10.

Pilate and Christ

In the 1973 version Jesus is bought to Pilate and it’s on the edge of a mountain, “Who is this broken man, cluttering up my hallway” what hallway your on a mountain. Your above him on this mountain. I love this Pilate, though he is a calm and camp Pilate. He knows he has the all the power and he loves it. As he does his song he is walking down the stairs and when Jesus gives his answers, you can already see the frustration already that Jesus is not defending himself. He sends Jesus to Herod because he is from Galilee passing the buck on to Herod. The mock of Hosanna is good except for the fact Jesus shows no emotions.

In the 2000 version Pilate is dressed up as a general rather than a judge and he does too much shout singing and I am not a fan. Also he is angry all the way through which isn’t what the words he is singing are saying. The idea is its meant to be calm and then frustration after Jesus doesn’t defend himself. He sends him to Herod and Mary starts screaming which to be honest I am not sure why. The mock of Hosanna is sang well and you can see Jesus look done with it all.

In the 2012 version Pilate is dressed like he is exercising and while he sings part of the song he does press ups on the stairs. It is obvious Jesus has been bought over out of nowhere. So Pilate isn’t ready for him making the “who is this broken man, cluttering off my hallway” make sense. Also Pilate and Jesus both bounce of each other every facial expression conveys many emotions.

The winner is 2012 with a 10/10, followed by 1973 with a 9/10 and 2000 with a low 3/10

King Herod’s song 

In the 1973 version Herod is on a boat with a piano and cross dressers. It is a very camp song however when the tempo changes and the mood shifts you get an element of annoyance because he starts shouting and it chucking bread at Jesus. Also it would be better if Jesus I don’t showed a facial expression which wasn’t a piece of wood. Look at the image below can you spot the difference. No. Neither can I.

In the 2000 version Herod was played by the great late Rick Mayall and it has the same problem as Damned for all time. They are asking him to do stuff and then they push him to the floor or pull him on to a piano. It wouldn’t help though the fact that Jesus just looks bored and done all the way through this. In the first few seconds when he see’s Herod he looks like he is ready to nail himself to the cross.

In the 2012 version Herod was played by Chris Moyles and he sings it well. I like the staging of this song as it is done as a game show. “Is he lord or is he fraud, text number now to decide”. It is a good message of how Jesus is basically classed as a celebrity and how one action of a celebrity will change peoples opinion of them. Unless you work for the BBC then they’ll just cover it up. It is interesting to look at in that sense. Jesus being this highly thought of celebrity until his fall from grace.

The winner is 2012 with a 9/10 and joint last is 1973 and 2000 with a low score of 6/10.

Could we start again please

In the 1973 version the song is sang on a mountain near where they are keeping Jesus. The song is sang nicely. Peter’s acting isn’t great but he sings well. The women that play Mary acts it and sings it well. Jesus is seen in like a hallucination to be walk away from them which could be symbolic of the disciples and Mary feeling like he is abandoning them. The fact they shot this on location in good because you see the sweat the tears the desperation. Shame that Mary is the only one doing all of them things in this scene.

In the 2000 version the song is sang on the street. I assume that is the vibe they are going for. During the first verse into the song they are singing it well. However after the first verse we cut away from them and we see that Jesus is being strung up by the guards and they start to beat him up, punching him and pulling his hair while he screams. We don’t hear the screams for a change but don’t worry from Trail by Pilate until he dies all he does is scream. This version sings well and is acted well.

In the 2012 version the song is sang outside the prison that Jesus is being kept in. I have a quick nit pick but Judas is in the circle being looked after even though he has betrayed Jesus and Peter who committed the crime of denying a man three times was cut out of the circle and was being ignored until Mary approached him and gave him a hug wrapping a blanket around him. Other than this song has so much good moments in it like the singing, Mel C uses them big eyes of hers again to express so many emotions. My favorite visual of this scene is the lanterns that are put into the sky over the prison as a way to give Jesus hope.

The winner of this one is 2012 with a 10/10, followed by 1973 and 2000 with a 5/10.

Judas’s death

In the 1973 version Judas runs to council and sings his heart out. Here we see is raw emotion he is so upset that he was going to go down in history as the man that killed Jesus. He stays constantly good throughout the song even when he is about to die. The priests do the line change from “what you have done will be the saving of Israel” to “what you have done will be the saving of everyone” I am not a fan of the line change but I assume as they film in Israel they were worried about offending everyone. I love Judas in this song we so many emotions. In this version nothing has happened to Jesus yet and he’s see Jesus he’s just kneeling and standing blankly into space which is nothing new making the “My god I saw him he looked three quarters dead, he looked so bad I had to turn my head” redundant.

In the 2000 version Judas crawls across a table because he has forgotten how to simply walk around a table. The line about him looking not too great is not redundant. He screeches his words out and he sounds ridiculous. His acting is over the top as well. I don’t like the fact the budget Voldemort grabs his face it’s weird. When he gets dragged backwards on the table he looks insane. He doesn’t look upset, he looks amused and hysterical. When Judas died in this version all I was like was yes thank god for that.

In the 2012 version Judas punches Caiaphas in the face and then drops to his knees in distress. Annas grabs his hair and then pushes him so he is further onto the floor. Once the council leaves. Tim Minchin uses his eyes to express so much sorrow and anguish in the fact he is now going to be seen as the villain in the history books. In this version the lights on the stage turn red as he starts to come to the realization that he was a pawn in gods plan.

The winner is the 2012 version with a 10/10, followed by 1973 with a 9/10 and the last again is 2000 with a 4/10.

Trail before Pilate/39 lashings 

In the 1973 version Jesus stands in front of Pilate he is doing piece of wood impression, the tempo starts out slow. The council tell Pilate that they need him crucified and he needed to die. The tempo speeds up as things get more and more desperate. Pilate does a great job in this scene as a man loosing control of the situation, he starts of calm and in control and finishes out of control and he hates it. He says “So you are a king” and Jesus answers “It’s you that say I am, I look for truth and find that I get damned” this him trying to get through to Jesus. You can see the desperation. “Not a thief I a need a crime” he says this to the crowd and you can see how desperate he is. Ted Neeley decided it was time to act again and showed a lot emotions during this scene. He is a man that know he is sentenced to death and there is nothing he can do about it and he portrays that well. During 39 lashes you can see how upset Pilate is to do this but it is down with a whip. Once the lashing were done Jesus is dropped to the floor on his front and he turns around to his back to face Pilate as he looms over him and pulls Jesus into his arms begging him to speak and defend himself. Jesus tells him calmly “There is nothing in your hands all the power you have comes to you from far beyond, everything is fixed and you can’t change it”. Pilate drops him on the ground and straightens up and washes his hands in a bowl and at that point he looks at his most insane as he doesn’t want this. To start of with Ted did some speak singing but overall he sings it well. Herod being in this scene also is a bit weird the idea of him being sent to Pilate is them passing the buck.

In the 2000 version Jesus is tied up with his hands above his head. Pilate comes up from behind him to do some shout singing. He goes away from Jesus and the council tell him that they have no law to put a man to death in a fake bass. The song then starts fast and it’s appears that this Pilate feels out of control from the beginning of the song rather a slow progression into madness. The guards release Jesus so he dramatically falls to the floor and rolls down the stairs doesn’t try to catch himself just let’s himself get chucked around. I do not want to see Glen Carters physiotherapy bill. Again Pilate asks the crowds for a crime. “Talk to me Jesus Christ” Jesus stands up and stares down Pilate which seems to freak Pilate out. It’s like dude your a foot taller than him chill out. He then moves away from him and stands above him before approaching him again. He grabs his arm and hold it up “Behold this man, behold your shattered king” he chucks him on the floor again and Jesus rolls around again. During 39 lashes it is similar to the one at the regents park version where people would approached him and hit him with red paint. He gets released and he rolls away down the stairs again landing on his back. Pilate kneels next to him and pulls Jesus into this arms but this time Jesus’s warning that nothing was in his hands he stands up and he tries to drag Jesus with him. Then they all crowd around Pilate he gives up on singing then and just shouts Jesus to death.

In the 2012 Jesus is presented to Pilate. This direction is similar to the 1973 version as Pilate starts of calm and then acts his most insane at the end of the song. Jesus doesn’t get chucked around as much. This time he addresses Caiaphas when he asks to be given a crime. The 39 lashes is with a whip rather hands hit him with hitting red paint. Ben Forster does sound amazing and his acting is superb you can actually believe he is about to be sentenced to death and there is nothing anything can be done about it.  Pilate during his last bit does spit a lot as his anger is being presented.

The winner of this one is a joint one again between 2012 and 1973 with a 10/10. 2000 gets a 6/10.

Superstar/The Crucifixion

In the 1973 version Jesus appears up in heaven where he meets Judas and he questions him as the film kept flashing back to him walking to his Crucifixion. It follows the signs of the cross with him falling down twice each time getting up. Carl Anderson sings this well and the dancing in this scene in a point. I like Judas is in white and the ladies dancing are in white. During the crucifixion he acts like he is being crucified he is breathless and he speaks his lines.

In the 2000 version Judas appears as Jesus struggles to pick up the cross and carry it across a few feet. Jerome Pradone still can’t sing. During the song he keeps speaking to Jesus mouthing stuff to him lovingly and then it would go back to him singing and mocking him. At one point he is standing on the cross and its like no wonder he is struggling to carry it. They hammer the devil metaphor in too much as well Judas is wear red and the women that dancing are wearing red.  When Jesus is having the nail put through his hands Judas flinches and its like he feels Jesus’s pain. The cross is the stood up. Jesus does some screaming which is weird considering the fact he is meant to be dying. Even his last line he screams where technically he should be succumbed to suffocation. When he dies we have a problem this problem is a simple problem he’s breathing and he keeps moving his head because struggles to keep it on his chest. When the guards came up to go get him he actively taps the guys back to make sure he was there. It’s like come on.

In the 2012 version Judas comes back and I am like thank god your back, you would believe what is going on in your absence. Tim Minchin singing and acting is on point and is so noticeable. The cross in this version is a part of the set. Once he is up there and the Crucifixion starts he starts of shouting but you can see him getting weaker. When he dies the set in bought down and he is picked up of the cross but the people that were carrying him lifting him up so he was in cross formation again. He’s being carried up in the airs on the stairs but you don’t see him breathing much.

The winner of this one is again a joint tie between 2012 and 1973 with 10/10 and coming in last is 2000 is 5/10.

Out of the second act lets up; 2012 winning with 99/100, 1973 following with 81/100 and last but not least 2000 with 54/100.


2012 won with 200/210

1973 came second with 169/210

2000 came in last with 112/210.

Thank you for reading!